Our country is vulnerable, in varying degrees, to a large number of disasters. Most of us will remember the year 2020 for the coronavirus pandemic. However, while the pandemic brought our human lives to a standstill, nature could not be reigned in.

Amidst the raging pandemic, India survived cyclones, floods, rains, biblical plagues, industrial disasters, locust attacks, and whatnot.

The challenge is to design a transportable, sustainable shelter that can support a sizable community and requires little maintenance. Making it ideal for deployment to any disaster-stricken area lacking basic facilities and it also helps restore personal space and a sense of dignity for the victims.

You can download the Detailed Brief of the Disaster Relief Shelter-Reinventing The Tents by clicking on the tab below.


Download the given brief and complete the registration process

Compose your sheets as per the given requirement

Submit your files on our submission portal

Our Expert Jury members will evaluate your submissions

Winners will be announced with their achievements







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JURY OF EXCELLENCE - "Disaster Relief Shelter-Reinventing The Tents"



JURY OF EXCELLENCE - "Disaster Relief Shelter-Reinventing The Tents"



JURY OF EXCELLENCE - "Disaster Relief Shelter-Reinventing The Tents"


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What is the nature of the competition and is it open for all?

All Competitions organized by mango architecture are open ideas design competitions with no intentions to execute the proposals submitted in any form. The competitions are open to students, teachers, designers, professionals, and the inspired design community.

How many team members are allowed to form a team?

A team can consists of total three[3] members including the team leader. If you want to register individually, you are most welcome.

Are multiple entries allowed for submission? or can we submit multiple projects in one entry?

Participants are free to submit multiple entries or projects, but each entry must be registered by a separate email ID.

How does a team receive their unique registration code?

All the participants will only receive the unique registration code after completing the registration process. The code will be mailed to your registered email address within 24 hours. If you didn't find the mail, we request you to please check your spam folder of the mailbox before mailing us for the same.

Is hand-drawn sheets allowed in the competition?

Yes, they are allowed, participants can scan and mail them to us at submission@mangoarchitecture.com Just follow all the submissions guidelines carefully.

Is the competition judged anonymously?

All entries are reviewed anonymously by the competition jury. Upon registration each team receives a unique registration code, this code is the only mean by which submissions are identified.

Can we change/swap team members after the registrations?

Teams are welcome to add, remove, or swap team members as long as their total members do not exceed three.

What should the participants do in case the payment modes are not available in our country?

We request our participants to send us an e-mail at query@mangoarchitecture.com to get an alternate payment method link. We would send you all the possible payment methods for you to participate. We are already accepting payments from all the countries.

Is there any height limit for the project?

There is no height limit as such. Only ground floor is required to avoid structural complications.

Can I have a refund of the registration fee?

No. As already mentioned in the terms and conditions, reimbursement is not possible under any circumstances.

Is the design project should be cosidered more like a temporary structure or permanent building?

The project should be considered as a temporary structure, as it will be a module and can be transported to other disaster sites if required.

Should we need to design seperate "assistance area"(medical and psychological care areas)?

As you know that an emergency can affect a very large number of victims, so it would not be possible to have everyone housed in the assistance area. the victims will stay for short periods according to the needs of the single case and emergency.

What about the services and toilets in a temporary shelter?

Being a temporary shelter that must be quickly built and functioning, chemical baths or recycling technology can be used.

Didn't find your question?

We're happy to answer them. E-Mail us at query@mangoarchitecture.com

Do we have to select one particular disaster and area of application or we are looking at a module that can fit in any affected area?

We are looking for a module that can actually fit in any kind of disaster affected area as per the requirements given in the competition brief.

Are we allowed to submit the proposal anytime we want or is there any specific date and time or dealine for the submission?

All the competitions organized by mango architecture have there specific submission deadline, date and time. But, once you registered and ready with your submission you can submit it on submission@mangoarchitecture.com anytime you want. Our submission portal is open 24x7. You will receive a confirmation mail within 24 hours after your mail. If in case you didn't recieve any confirmation from us, please write back to us on query@mangoarchitecture.com